Doll bases

What are the terms of use of the doll bases?

  • Link back to
  • You can recolor the skin and the eyes, as well as edit the poses.
  • Please do not redistribute the bases elsewhere

What are doll bases, and what is dolling?

Doll bases, much like "paper dolls", are templates of bodies that you have to customize with hair and clothing. Unlike dollmakers and dress up games, though, people use graphic programs such as paint and gimp to draw the clothes themselves.

To find bases made by other artists, consider looking on other websites, like:

Visit Pixistar Doll Base Search

Can I use your bases to make my own dollmaker?

Yes, except for the "Lunaii" base itself.

About Lunaii

Lunaii is a dress up games and dollmaker website, showcasing original flash games. All of the content, from the coloring pages to the dress up games, is meant to be cute and safe for children. Please enjoy your visit. :)

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